What is Your Goal?

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The new year always motivates people to make goals.  The top goals set are always about self-improvement.  I have a whole set of goals posted around my desk, I have to look at them every day to keep doing the hard work that it takes to reach the goals.

I’m listening to Andy Frisella’s podcast (warning he is profane) about setting and surpassing your goals as I write this.  He referenced a book “The 10X Rule” by Grant Cardone where his big takeaway is to take whatever your goal is and multiply it by 10 – then go after it!  You have to dream big!

It’s not enough to just dream big though – you have to set a plan and have to work at it every day  Do you want to save $100/mo?  Set your goal bigger – say you will save $1000/mo, then if you don’t hit $1000 I will wager you will save more than $100.  If you say $100, I know from experience it will be closer to $25-50. Then how will you get there?  Save $5 a day?  Walk if you can instead of drive?  You get the idea – set it out.

How does this relate to real estate?  Do you want to buy your 1st home? A second home? Sell your home and upsize or downsize? Become an investor?  What is your goal?

Now that you have set your goal, how will you achieve it?  Step 1 – Find a trusted real estate agent and tell them your goal.  Step 2 – Figure out where you are on the path to that goal.  Step 3 – Map out your steps.  Step 4 – Get that goal!

Here’s to you going after your goal this year – make sure to set that goal BIG and you will achieve more than you thought you would.

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